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EU-Russia | Specific Co-operations or Global Partnership?

                Note 27 | April 2018 In the context of a new world order where, among others, the US is rethinking its foreign policy and advancing American interests and China is securing its new status as superpower, isn’t it time for the EU to realize that it needs toLire la suite

A Pandora’s Box of headwinds for the UK’s global ambitions after Brexit

           April 19, 2018 Despite the bombing of chemical weapon sites in Syria, along with France and the US, and the recent show of support from Western allies in the Skripal affair, Britain’s international clout will inexorably erode after Brexit, writes Pierre-Alain Coffinier, Research Fellow at the Thomas More Institute, former ConsulLire la suite

UK after Brexit | A Global Britain or Splendid Isolation?

           Theresa May contends that leaving the EU will open up new opportunities for the UK to become a “global Britain”. The current British-Russian crisis is certainly a first test of its new relations on the world stage. But with a more unpredictable American ally, more assertive global players such asLire la suite

L’Italie, troisième puissance économique européenne, dans la tourmente

           5 mars 2018 Les élections législatives italiennes se sont soldées par une percée historique des forces antisystème, eurosceptiques et d’extrême droite. La coalition formée par Forza Italia de Silvio Berlusconi, la Ligue du Nord et le petit parti Fratelli d’Italia (Frères d’Italie) sont sortis majoritaires en voix et en sièges, dimanche,Lire la suite