The European Southern Energy corridor · Back to the EU gas supplies reconfiguration process

Laurent Vinatier, Research Fellow at the Thomas More Institute, and Inessa Baban, PhD, Sorbonne-Paris IV University, former Visiting Fellow at the Center for Strategic Studies under the President of Azerbaijan (SAM)

July 2012 • Analysis •

Big, strategic, geopolitical and classical energy issues, about oil and gas pipelines, their route, their financial profitability, their capacity, have disappeared from political radar screens. No-one could hardly remember the Nabucco, quite pharaonic, project, linking Turkey to Austria and set to supply Europe with gas for some several decades. Truly, Europeans had and still have substantial financial and monetary problems. Truly too, shale gas has to some extent put into question the traditional prevalence of hydrocarbons. Yet, pipes have recently come back, only for a while probably, on the front scene. A solution ensuring and securing on the short term gas needs of Europe seems to be in work.