The Thomas More Institute is a laboratory of ideas and innovative and practical solutions, a  centre of expertise and a opinion setter. The TMI network brings together political figures, corporate managers and European experts and analysts.

The Institute’s approach is based on the values defended in its Charter: Freedom and Responsibility; human Dignity; the principle of Subsidiarity; a free market Economy; the universal Values that are the common heritage of all European Countries.

We believe in

A Europe that really protects and defends Europeans

Thanks to the promotion and defense of the common good of the different populations that are part of it, the Europe we want will play a major role in the security and prosperity of Europeans.

A Europe proud of its roots, sure of its cultures

The Europe we want will favor the strength of its civilization and the transmission of its cultures, both open to the outside world and deeply-rooted.

A Europe that promotes autonomy and freedom

It will encourage initiatives and self-reliance of Europeans. It will promote entrepreneurial freedom and market economy for the good of its people.

A Europe that respects the principle of subsidiarity

The Europe we want will be based on the principle of subsidiarity, and will contribute to the creation of conditions conducive to the development of freedoms and initiatives of individuals and territories.

Why Thomas More?

The choice of Thomas More as a symbolic reference naturally lay with the founders of the Institute. A humanist and prominent European figure, Thomas More (1478-1535) was made a Patron Saint of politics, statesmen and politicians by Pope John-Paul II in 2000. Throughout his life and right up until his death, he showed what it is possible to achieve with the courage of one’s convictions and confidence in one’s actions. His life was exemplary, a lesson, an inspiration.

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